My Songs, by Subject

Death Penalty:
Oklahoma City, 4/19/95
May God Have Mercy

Equality / Civil Rights:
Nana I Ka Ili (Look to the Skin)
We Shall Be Free++
We’re All Right
Farewell, Manzanar
Special Olympics (Almost Home)
Let America Be America Again
Let Us Breathe Today

Just For Fun:
Talking Target Island Blues
Silicon Valley 101 Parking-lot Blues
Friends in Far-Right Places
Three Strikes — We’re In!
The CD4K
You Got Me
What Color Is the Sky?
This Music Don’t Play Backwards
North to Alaska ’98
Your Mileage May Vary
Bush Family Tradition
I Do Enron
Take This Job and Shove It (A.D.D. Version)
Bears Just Wanna Have Food
Phenomenal Woman
We Gotta Get Him Out of This Place

Life Lessons:
Aloha to Hawai’i
On the Pulse of Morning
She’ll Know
For Teresa
The Greatest of These Is Love
 Time Flies When You’re Having Fun
 You Could Have Fooled Me
Thoughts on the Life and Death of John Denver
In Memoriam: John Denver (Flying for Me)
Turning to Stone
Why Not?
Flight 93 (They Died For Me)
The Twelve Steps
 The Lord’s Prayer
The Serenity Prayer
The Promises

Nature / Outdoors:
The Golden State
I Died of Joy (The Spirit of John Muir)
Backpacking Fools
I’m Yours
 California Skiing
The Tuolumne Yosemite
The Elephant Listener

War / Genocide:
Iraqi Mountain High
 Don’t Be the Weak Link in the Chain
Monuments for the Victims
 Belleau Wood++
He’s Got His Own Wall
We Wish to Inform You…
We Shall Overcome ++
The Day the Dream Died
Who Wants to be the Last One…?
A World Beyond War – Hallelujah!