Bush Family Tradition

Music copyright © 1978 by Hank Williams, Jr.
Words Creative Commons License 1999 by Jim Bearden

When I decided to write a song about George W. Bush, the Republican heir-apparent for the next Presidential election, I went looking for a good foundation to base it on. Hank Williams, Jr.’s “Family Tradition” seemed like a perfect fit, so that’s what I used. In addition to my debt to Hank, Jr., for the theme, I should also acknowledge my debt to Molly Ivins, columnist for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and The Progressive, for (I believe) being the original source for both of the nicknames everyone seems to use for Bush, including me, in this song. So, with apologies to Hank, Jr. (but none to “The Shrub”– he’s doing just fine on his own), here it is.

Verse 1:
People say us Bushes have been a real close family —
The shady deals we’ve all gotten into, well, I guess I’d have to agree.
We learned a lot about principles, when Daddy switched his abortion position;
Iran, Silverado, the Rangers — all part of our family tradition.

Folks ask me, “George, why’d you party so hearty? Why’d you do so much coke?
And now, why are you sending campaign finance up in smoke?”
Well, I may not have “the vision thing,” but put yourself in my position:
If I’m a political whore, and got no real core, it’s just a family tradition.

Verse 2:
I am sorta proud of my Daddy’s name,
Although I keep insisting that my name’s not the same.
So some folks call me “Dubya,” but even that’s not the worst position —
‘Cause here’s the rub, some call me “The Shrub” — what a family tradition!


Verse 3:
You hear about serial killers; they say the record’s 33.
But I’m here to tell you, those guys got nothing on me.
‘Cause I’m already past 90 — don’t want to be a “wimp,” in my position.
And I’ll keep on killing, till I kill off that old family tradition.


Who, me? Sell out? Hey, it’s just a family tradition.

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