Words and music Creative Commons License 2000 by Jim Bearden

Verse 1:
Wandering in the desert, lost in my uncertainty;
Not knowing who I’d ever find to share a life with me.
But then you came into my life, and I knew just where to go;
I may still have some fears and doubts, but there’s one thing I know:

All that I have, all I am, all I know,
I owe all to you;
You’re my love, you’re my life –
My all.

Verse 2:
Looking back on our life’s river, the rapids we’ve been through;
Places where I didn’t know if I could hold on to you;
So far we’ve made it through the rocks, and through the current’s flow;
Though I may be bruised and battered, there’s still one thing I know:


I owe it all to you — you’re my love, you’re my life: my all.

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