California Skiing

Music copyright © 1965 by John and Michelle Phillips
Words Creative Commons License 2014 by Jim Bearden

The idea for this song came, of course, when I was out skiing — in this case, by Lake Alpine, near Bear Valley, in northern California, on a beautiful, sunny day — and thinking how lucky I was to be where I was then, instead of where John and Michelle were when they wrote the original song.

Verse 1:
All the trees are green, and the sky is blue;
I’ve been out skiing for a mile or two.
I’m feeling safe and warm ‘neath the sun’s bright rays—
California skiing… on such a winter’s day.

Verse 2:                     
Skiied right by the lake; saw all the ice and snow;
And I thanked Mother Nature for putting on such a show.
You know it doesn’t get much better; you know I’m gonna stay—
California skiing… on such a winter’s day.

[Instrumental Bridge]

Verse 2 (Repeat to End)

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