Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

Words and music Creative Commons License 1996 by Jim Bearden

You probably won’t be surprised to hear that the idea for this one came to me at the end of a weekend ski trip, when we were almost to the end of the trail going back. I was thinking how quickly the weekend seemed to have gone by, and the old phrase “Time flies when you’re having fun” came to mind. After that, of course, came the hard part: coming up with all the rest of the song to fill out that title phrase. This one, as you can also see, is fairly “personal”; and you probably won’t be surprised, either, to hear that my wife likes it a lot.

Verse 1:
It still hits me, how it happened, that day back in ’64,
When I saw there, in those deep-blue eyes, what I’d been looking for.
Tall and slender, and, as I found out, a mind to match her looks;
We talked for hours on our first date, and from then on, I was hooked.

And they say: time flies, when you’re having fun;
All these years we’ve been together, seems that clock’s been on the run.
Feels like our wedding night was just last night, we laughed ’til we were crying;
We must be having too much fun, ’cause it seems like time’s flying.

Verse 2:
Through our married life, three kids, through some times we couldn’t say
How we were ever going to make it, our love always showed the way.
And now the kids are grown, out on their own, still seems life’s just begun;
We’re still out exploring new worlds, making love out in the sun.


Now, walking by a mountain stream, or gliding ‘cross the snow,
I think: how much depends on finding the right one.
We may not know just where we’re going next, but one thing sure we know:
We’re going there together, and we’re gonna have some fun.


Oh, yeah … time’s flying.

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