What Color Is the Sky?

Words and musicĀ Creative Commons License 1997 by Jim Bearden

This song, like “You Got Me“, was inspired by a comic strip — “The Duplex“, which featured a talking dog. In this strip, the man was carrying on at some length about how many different women have been attracted to him. The dog finally looked at him and asked, “Hey! What color is the sky in your world?” This sounded like a good title line, but I needed a story to go with it. Here’s what I came up with:

Verse 1:
I called you all last weekend; machine said you’re not home.
But when I drove by, it looked like you were there — and not alone.
By Monday, I was hearing just how much you’re missing me,
And you’d really like to see me, just as soon as you get free.
You keep telling me you love me, but I don’t know if that’s so;
Between what you say, and what you do, well, I guess I’d like to know:

Chorus :
What color is the sky in your world?
Is it red, or green, or purple? Polka dots or swirls?
You’ve got your own way of seeing things; your world ain’t like mine.
The kind of things you do, well, I’m tired of asking why —
So just tell me: What color is your sky?

Verse 2:
Love’s an easy word to say, and I’m hearing it a lot;
But with all that you’ve been saying, I still don’t know what I’ve got.
When I asked you about Saturday, you said you couldn’t go;
But by eight that night, you were calling me to take you to a show.
Now if you ask me about love, I guess I still don’t know what’s real;
I’m thinking, what I really know is how a spare tire must feel.


Now I really like the way it sounds when you say you love me true —
But I can’t hear it, ’cause it gets drowned out by the sound of all you do.


Yeah, I guess I’d like to know, the way you look at life,
In your world — What color is the sky?

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